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Lowongan Kerja Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel)

1. Data Scientist


  • Design analytics framework (ML and statistical model) for various use cases
  • Maintain the quality and execution of the analytics models for various product.
  • Perform periodic review on the implementation of the model and data pipeline.
  • Collaborate with the data science and analytics team within the division to produce high-quality dashboard to monitor the performance of the product.
  • Collaborate with analytics team to advice on the usage of Telkomsel data asset to solve business problems.
  • Perform consultative and help the implementation of analytics use case across the organization, and be the champion in terms of advanced analytics models such as Machine Learning.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis on various data sources to get new insights to improve the model and give recommendation for product development.


a. Competencies:

  • Excellent programming skills in Python/R.
  • Excellent data query or manipulation skill using SQL.
  • Experienced in using various tools for data science/analytics such as Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy.
  • Experienced in using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI.
  • Experienced in using various database platform such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Bigquery, etc.
  • Advanced problem-solving skills.
  • Having experimental mindset which is driven by intellectual curiosity to always find and improve their own works.
  • Knowledge of data framework in Python such as Kedro, Airflow, MLFlow, etc is a plus.

b. Education:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or other quantitative fields.

c. Experience:

  • 3+ years of experience in Data Science/Analytics, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence Analyst.
  • Implemented analytical or Machine Learning model to production, which are run on a periodic basis to solve specific business use case.
  • Develop analytics or ML model such as regression, clustering, or classification.
  • Crafting raw or tabular data into insights and presenting it to the stakeholders via means of compelling data visualizations.
  • Collaborating with various data-related roles in the organization to solve business use case, e.g., with Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Manager.
  • Perform model monitoring to ensure that the trained model is stable and reliable.
  • Design A/B testing scenarios in an online experiment setting to validate hypothesis and test the performance of the analytical models. Also interpreting the result of the experiments in metrics which are well-understood by business users
2. Backend Developer


  • Experience in Golang with at least 2 years active coding in production level or experience in PHP (Laravel/Lumen) with at least 2 years active coding in production level.
  • Strong knowledge of Go programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms.
  • Familiar with Linux environment,
  • Experience with RDBMS (eg: MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL (Redis/MongoDB), Queueing
  • Experience using event streaming (eg Kafka)
  • Familiar with CI/CD process
  • Knowledge/familiar delivering app in docker
  • Having knowledge/experience with unit test
3. Cloud Engineer


  • Experience in setup and managing CI/CD pipeline and its tools (gitlab, jenkins, ansible, teraform)
  • Experience on scripting languages for automation tools (shell script, python, etc)
  • Experience working on releasing application from dev to production, including production environment
  • Experience on monitoring production envirnoment as well as set measurement metrics for performance and availability of the system/service
  • Experience in IT Operation
  • Working also in on-premise infrastructure (physical Datacenter, managing VM, baremetal)
  • Previously working in agile  development environment
4. Front End Developer


  • Experience as a developer in React Native & React JS app in production level
  • Experience with metric tools for performance monitoring of react based web and/or mobile app
  • Experience with native language mobile development (Kotliln for Android or Swift for iOS)
5. IT Operation

You’ll be In Charge as a IT Operation Role :

  • Carry out operational and maintenance activities for IT infrastructure, including data center, OCS, and charging systems.
  • Monitoring the capacity of Data Center facilities.
  • Provide support for IT equipment and applications.
  • Provide support for IT infrastructure operations and maintenance.
  • Carry out IT operational activities.
  • Provide support in the form of development and operation of commercial applications in the Area


  • Strong Knowledge about Information technology achitecture design
  • Experience in Asset management, Data center knowledge
  • Outstanding knowledge about Database administration
6. Business Analyst Video Platform


  • Have Background from IT or Network
  • Have a knowledge about DevOps
  • Familiar with SQL database
  • Understand Product Development
  • Experience in Data Analysis
  • Excellent Understanding about Digital Business landscape especially in the Video business
7. Content Production


  • Have Experience create content business acumen developing social media plan, executing and understanding recent trends.
  • Strong knowledge of content production, skills and tools required.
  • Have Project Management skills.
8. Data Analyst


  • Experience in Coding Language in Data Processing (SQL, Phyton, R)
  • Familiar in processing large amounts of data
  • Having a portfolio in use case data / modeling will be an advantage
9. Enterprise Customer Experiences
  • Ensure the fulfillment of end to end delivery and business services management for B2B.
  • Manage and monitor the Customer Experience for B2B Customers.
  • Develop Roadmap Systems and tools based on the Corporate business strategy.
  • Ensure compliance with existing regulations especially on related activities with delivery and enterprise customer experience.
  • Product and Customer Service Delivery, Fulfillment of Supporting Ecosystem for Enterprise Business, Build Roadmap and Implementation of System and Tools for Enterprise Business and Attainment of Collection Targets and Customer Service SLA for Enterprise Customers


  • Strong knowledge of Digital Mindset, Negotiations Skill, Data Mining, Cloud and Security Service.
  • Have an experience to create workflow Customer Journey, Product Development, Product Lifecycle Management.
10. Enterprises Business Management
  • Developing Strategy and Product Proposition in B2B
  • Develop catalog product and services for B2B.
  • Monitor product portfolio and catalog performance for all B2B product.
  • Determine the pricing scheme of product and services for B2B that is in line with Central Pricing Team’ policy in Marketing Directorate.
  • Manage branding activities and marketing communication for Enterprise Segment.


  • Strong knowledge of Digital Mindset, Regulation, Data Analysist, and tools required
  • Have Project management skills.
11. Sales Execution
  • Creating sales opportunity based on sales strategy and partnering.
  • Dealing with customer and partner.
  • Selling out the product and service from Telkomsel.
  • Maintain the customer and partner channel.
  • Encourage our new modern and teritory channel to up high will Telkomsel.
  • Creating the best sales with customer centric side.
  • Maintain the programs, evaluating and monitoring the sales program.


  • Strong knowledge of Selling, Sales Strategy and Planning, Sales Performance Management, Social Mapping (Understanding the ecosystem and environment), Product Knowledge.
  • Have an experience in Sales Operations activity.
12. Sales Strategy And Partner


  • Have Background from Statistic, IT or Network
  • Have a knowledge about DevOps
  • Familiar with SQL database
  • Understand Product Development
  • Experience in Data Analysis
  • Excellent Understanding about Digital Business
13. Network
  • Maintain the availability of network elements in working areas;
  • Submit proposals for upgrades, updates, modernization, as well as new additions (infrastructure, network, ISR data, SoW Partners, etc.) according to operational and business needs;
  • Collaborating with existing stakeholders (commerce, Local Government, Balmon etc.) in supporting operations and businesses in working areas;
  • Support activities of quality improvement of network service, deployment, handling customer complaints, as well as the asset update process and site lease extension in the working areas;
  • Collaboration with work partners according to the targets that have been set;
  • Coordinate and execute maintenance, operation, troubleshooting of RAN devices, transport and power in area.


  • Have Background from IT or Network
  • Have a knowledge about Telecommunication Network Fundamentals, Network Architecture Fundamentals
14. Tax Management

We are looking for experienced Tax Management to join in our team. You will responsible for VAT and WHT verifications, Prepare monthly and annual tax filing, Prepare tax reports and related administrative tasks


  • Have Background from Accounting/Tax/Fiscal Administration
  • Have an experience for Possess round knowledge and experience with e-faktur and e-SPT
  • Certified in Brevet A & B

Apply  – Data Scientist

Apply  – Backend Developer

Apply  – Cloud Engineer

Apply  – Front End Developer

Apply  – IT Operation

Apply  – Business Analyst Video Platform

Apply  – Content Production

Apply  – Data Analyst

Apply  – Enterprise Customer Experiences

Apply  – Enterprises Business Management

Apply  – Sales Execution

Apply  – Sales Strategy And Partner

Apply  – Network

Apply  – Tax Management

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